Monday 14 November 2011

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me Before (and probably didn't want to) .....

Chasing the meme that is 5 Things, I was amused to read Mostly Yummy Mummy's blogpost. While I can't lay claim to a cassette tape of JUST "Especially for You", I can come up with 5 facts for you to find uninteresting over your morning coffee.

1.  I have twice signed the Official Secrets Act. Yes, I know how funny that is.

2.  In my humble (and fairly twisted) opinion a beard is normally an improvement to a man's looks. Unless you're George Michael. The "Ladies and Gentlemen" cover was a travesty. I fancy you MUCH more now George. xx
3.  Favourite cake: Coffee and Walnut. Don't hate me.

4.  I don't like ice-cream and never have, much to the chagrin of my G'pa. I know, "Weirdo!".

5.  I've played the violin since I was 2yo. Sadly this has not been of any use to humankind.

p.s. Extra unwarranted fact:

6.  Making lists is my favourite pastime.


Going to join the meme? Go on - you know you want to!

Wednesday 9 November 2011

The (Alien) Nativity

Yesterday one of my good friends emailed me to remind me that it is already the season to fatten the goose. Christmas will soon be upon us again. Her email was entitled The Advent of the Alien. It was intruiging.

It transpires that in order to fulfill the scholastic goal of giving every child in the Infants a role in the School Nativity Play, her daughter had been cast as an Alien visiting The Baby Cheeses. I am aware that his fame has spread far and wide (viz. The 3 Wise Men), but Aliens? Seriously?

I then re-ran my own chequered Nativity Play history in my head, vividly recalling the time I escaped school and ran for home on the day I was due to take the lead role. I remembered the year I upstaged everyone else as the little boy who knows "a man who can" in "Joseph". I am still scarred by the memory of the year I was consigned to "Tree 4" at the back of the stage. But an Alien? Seriously?

Today, as I collected Lastborn from school she pressed a plastic wallet into my hand. Inside was a wodge of papers with "Narrator 4" on the top. This is her role for the Infant Nativity Play at our school. A much more traditional way to ensure that everyone gets to say at least one line. And no need for a green papier maché costume, thankfully.

What are yours going to be this year?