Thursday 19 July 2012


Don't know about you but I'm a bit depressed by the rain this summer. Nearly everything I like doing requires me to be outside (apart from drinking gin, reading and having a boogie - although these can be sun drenched activities too...) and being outside has meant one thing so far this summer - getting drenched.

That's not drenched in a 50ShadesofPurpleProse sort of way, thats drenched in a "Went outside for 2 seconds can I please have a bath towel and a hairdryer now?" sort of a way.

This means my dog walks have been perfunctory at best and delivered in a head-down-get-this-bloody-over-with fashion. There haven't been many photos.

Then there was last weekend. Sunday afternoon. The sun shone for me and I went a bit photographically mad.....

Come with me next weekend?.....